Come and join NFTARTS’s event! Crypto Pop Graffitti

3 min readAug 11, 2021


In 1962, Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans” was born, this famous artwork which led to his first solo gallery show as an artist. It was a big success, “Campbell’s soup cans” and many other masterpieces led the pop art into the mainstream. His masterpiece conveyed a belief in absolute equality. In honor of his spirit, artist 0730oneshot and NFTARTS jointly sponsored the event — — “Crypto spray can”, 32 pieces of outstanding art works will be selected and integrated into a piece of work, named “crypto spray can”. It will be minted to NFT and sells on NFTARTS.

In this event, three guests were invited to post their works, which will be integrated into Collector’s Edition of “Crypto Spray Can” together with 32 pieces. If you buy the Collector’s Edition of the NFT, you will get one physical work of “Crypto Spray Can”.

Thanks to the three guests for their works:

Ray, Graffiti Artist in Wuhan(Team: Hubest/Loch)

Seve Li, Graffiti Artist; Tattoo Artist in Chengdu (Team: Hubest/Howchill/GB)

Bala, Graffiti Artist in Ningbo (Team: Holyhigh/ Red Band)

How to enter:

There are three ways to participate in, choose one will be OK.

1. Provide a painting, and sign it.

2. Paint directly on the original drawing we provided (a graffiti spray can) and sign it, here is the original picture, can be downloaded directly.

3. Just write your name or nickname and a short sentence on the original drawing. Introduction, blessing, wish, poetry, lines and so on, no restrictions, will be drawn by artist 0730oneshot.

4. No matter how to participate in the event, please send your work to this email:,

5. We will select only 32 entries. After the collection is completed, artist 0730oneshot will adjust the whole works and list them on the NFTARTS marketplace in a certain amount and open for collection.

Sales of works:

1. Collector’s Edition of “Crypto Spray Can”, including guests works, 36 single edition, each edition is different, pricing: 0.2BNB, all collectors who purchase the NFT works of the Collector’s edition can obtain a physical work of “Crypto Spray Can”, accompanied by a numbered collection certificate.

2. General version of “Crypto Spray Can”, excluding guest works, 100 editions, pricing: 0.003 BNB.

Rewards for Participation:

1.Five artists will obtain the NFT works from artist 0730oneshot, stickers and a certificate of this event.

2. 15 artists will be invited to become creators of NFTARTS platform.

3. All the selected artists will get a sticker from artists 0730oneshot and a certificate.


Submission time: August 10, 2021 — August 13, 2021

Collection time: August 14,2021 — August 15, 2021

On sale: August 16, 2021

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