Introduction to NFTARTS

5 min readJul 1, 2021

What is NFTARTS?

If 2020 was a shining year for DEFI, 2021 has been a significant year which NFT began to flourish. Over the past few months, taking the big badlands of crypto by storm is a small, rapidly growing force coming in from NFT, particularly in the sports, music, and art industries caused a huge sensation, related NFT production and sales are at record highs. According to the data, the NFT market saw $500M in trading volume in May alone, while only $200M in 2020. Nevertheless, at the moment when NFT trading platform is prevalent, there is a lack of decentralized governance ecosystem based on DAO. Therefore, our goal is to build a NFT collection platform centered on digital art, music, games and we-media creators, in favor of the creators while expanding the group of NFT collectors, promote NFT’s liquidity.

NFTARTS (NFTARTS. Cards) is an NFT+DAO platform for artists and collectors based on the Binance Smart Chain. Creators can create digital works and mint them on the Binance Smart Chain. Benefit from smart contracts, collectors can buy and trade art, as well as royalties can be returned to the creators. The NFTARTs platform provides artists, musicians, gamers, we-media operators and others with the tools to socialize and communicate through Social Tokens (SDA). Owners of SDA tokens will have a variety of interests, including access to special NFTs, merchandise and content which published by the creators. At the same time, as part of the community, it can be used to marketing, create events, auction NFTs or give away NFTs to promote activity and interactivity. With DAO decentralized governance, NFTARTS will eventually become a platform for everyone. Through SDA governance tools, artists engage with their fans, community, and users. Simultaneously, fans will gain a new access experience and interact with their favorite creators. In addition, NFTARTs will focus on the development of cross-chain technologies to increase TPS speed and reduce the cost of NFT operations and governance interactions.

At present, most NFT platforms only focus on the market of NFT digital assets trading, whether art, music or video NFTS. NFTARTTS expands the NFT market model, including the functions of pledge mining and social governance interaction in addition to NFT auction and trading. The platform will provide multiple innovation modules to inspire creators and communities to help them build their own DAO governance models.

What is the business model?

1.Personal brand operation: Focus on the NFT ecological migration of traditional personal brand formats and build personal brand incubation in line with the characteristics of crypto culture.

2.Multiple distribution methods: pricing distribution, blind box distribution, multi-form auction, NFT+DAO pattern to ensure that NFT of different paradigms can have reasonable price discovery.

3.NFT Pledge Mining System: To increase liquidity in the marketplace, NFT will integrate with DEFI, and combine NFT with pledging, lending, machine gun pool and other systems to find the best circulation value for NFT.

4.Connect physical objects to NFT: By applying NFC, or near field communication technology to bind the global unique code generated by NFC chip to the physical object, which can be read by smart phones and support most mobile payment systems (such as Apple Pay, Alipay, etc.), so as to create a high security off-chain consumption scenario. NFTARTS adopts the chips produced by the world’s large NFC chip manufacturers. And through the exclusive encryption technology, the world’s only chip is bound with corresponding physical object, and then mint NFT on the blockchain, thus realizing the unique connection between NFT and the physical object.

5.NFTARTS DAO: Building a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), in where all decision right will belong to the platform users is our ultimate goal.

How to cooperate with artists?

The platform adopts an invitation system, once artists who are allowed to post their works on the platform will earn digital currency by selling their works, specifically BNB. The artist authorizes (the right to sell) his/her works to the platform. Meanwhile, the artist still own the copyright of the work, except the proceeds from the sales in the primary market (the first sale),also, he/she will receive a corresponding percentage of the copyright fee for each sale of the work in the secondary market. There are a variety of distribute methods for works, which are at the discretion of the artists. After the sale of the work, the platform will charge 5% technical service fee, and no other fees.

What is the role of SDA token?

1.Governance: SDA token holders can collectively make decisions and vote on various issues such as system updates, transaction costs, new functions and future development;

2. Management: Audit artists on the platform;

3. Select the featured artworks: Hold SDA tokens can vote on Featured Artworks in the platform to determine who can be promoted by the platform to build boutique personal brand and awesome works.

4. Marketing: Artists can use SDA tokens to reward fans, to promote NFT sales, or to launch crowdfunding for new projects to obtain financial support. SDA tokens can also unlock access to specific NFTs, VIP groups, merchandise, or content, etc., to work as an author community token.

What is the issuing mode of SDA tokens?

1.Token: SDA


3.Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)·

4.Total supply: 1,000,000,000 SDA

5.TEAM: 20% — 200,000,000 SDA (The token will be distributed quarterly, each time accounting for 8% of the total, starting six months after the token issue.)

6.Airdrop: 5% — 5,000,000 SDA

7.Pancakeswap Liquidity: 5% — 5,000,000 SDA

8.Marketplace Liquidity Mining.: 50% — 500,000,000 SDA

9.Private placement: 20% — 200,000,000 SDA (The token will be released 10% of the total before IDO and 10% of the total every full of month after the end of IDO.)

How to earn SDA tokens?

By using the NFTARTS Marketplace to earn it, most SDA tokens can only be obtained by purchasing NFTs, which be called market liquidity mining. Half of the total supply of SDA tokens are reserved for buyers on the NFTARTS market, who will receive SDA tokens distributed on each purchase.

NFTARTS reserves the right of final interpretation.




NFTARTS (NFTARTS. Cards) is an NFT+DAO platform for artists and collectors based on the Binance Smart Chain.